Here Come the Sons

We approach Beatles songs by imagining...Lennon and McCartney meeting Ray Charles at a Harry Connick concert.

The resulting jam session provides a totally fresh approach to those Beatles compositions that we've all come to know and love.

We'll be happy to send some mp3 demo recordings of our approach.

Please browse these recordings of our unique approach and interpretations of Beatles songs using guitar, bass and vocals.

Our rendition of Beatles music will captivate audiences, taking them back to where they once belonged!

Here Comes the Sun - George Harrison originally released on the 1969 album Abbey Road.

Things We Said Today - by Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon–McCartney

Blackbird - is a song from their 1968 double album The Beatles

Daytripper - released as a double A-side single with "We Can Work It Out".

I Feel Fine - written by John Lennon and released in 1964

Please Please Me - released 22 March 1963

Michelle - love ballad by Paul McCartney

With a Little Help From My Friends - written by Lennon and McCartney on the Sgt. Pepper album

London Ontario Guitar Lessons

Learn How To Play Guitar

Larry Smith teaches guitar providing everything you need to help reach your goals, your way. Right now Larry has some guitar lesson spaces available. For more information about learning how to play guitar send Larry an email and get a personal response delivered straight to your inbox

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Play Your Best - Learn From a Top Local Teacher

learning to play electric guitar

Play with confidence

Let Larry help you become a better guitar player on your own terms

Learn to play Guitar Faster, Better and Have More Fun

People learn how to play guitar from Larry every day.

Convenient and affordable guitar lessons located in London Ontario

Playing guitar is a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day

The right lessons for every guitar student

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Why Choose Larry Smith?

Larry is a successful professional musician, guitar instructor and performer

Offering you what you need to get the most out of every guitar lesson

Larry is committed to helping you to play your best guitar

An excellent guitar teacher with a great reputation

Uses cutting edge technology designed to help you learn to play guitar

Play your favourite songs faster

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Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference, contact Larry now to discuss your guitar training.

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Guitar Lessons London Ontario

Other guitar teachers often take guitar lessons from Larry too. Below is what students have to say...

Larry Smith has been providing guitar players with the essential knowledge and training needed to excel for over 35 years. Nowhere else will you find a guitar teaching program with such hands-on mentoring, interactions and growth opportunities.

The concept includes:

  • Guitar lessons adaptive to each individual’s level of learning.
  • Delivering targeted guitar training to meet individuals needs
  • Directing students towards resources they will need to progress

The first step towards positioning yourself for guitar success is learning about your strengths, passion and other key attributes making you the guitar player you are today. Larry works with you to determine a plan for your success.

Professional Guitarist

Now living in London Ontario, Larry Smith has been a professional guitarist since 1973

Giving guitar performances all over North America, in Europe and in the Orient with pop groups, folk groups, blues bands and jazz combos has demanded I learn and know many different types of music and guitar styles.

Accompanied on guitar Symphony Orchestras in London, Toronto, Quebec City and Edmonton.

Was part of Orchestra London's education outreach program in schools throughout south western Ontario.

Teaching Guitar Since 1980

Started teaching in Toronto in 1980 which adds up to over 35 years of guitar teaching experience.

In addition to private teaching, I've also taught night school classes to both children and adults for the City of London Parks and Recreation Dept.

Music educators at the University Of Western Ontario and the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College have sent students my way who are seeking to broaden their understanding of guitar and in music generally.

I've worked with guitarists in helping them prepare for admission requirements into music studies at various schools including the Unversity Of Western Ontario, Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, Mohawk College in Hamilton and Humber College in Toronto.

Teaching Guitar Teachers

I have given instruction to numerous other guitar teachers, offering them better understanding of the guitar and/or music in general, helping develop improved teaching techniques and skills. I teach the teachers.

I also offer instruction in computer music skills, helping musicians understand and use a variety of computer software available for students and professionals.

Larry Smith knows, guitars, guitar playing and how to give guitar lessons

Learn More About Private Guitar Lessons

Learn More About Group Guitar Lessons

Central London Guitar Studio

My guitar teaching studio is in a central London Ontario location and FREE parking is available.

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Interested in Guitar Lessons?

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London Ontario Guitar Studio

Guitar Lessons are taught in a very nice private, sunny and bright State-of-the-Art Home Guitar Teaching Studio.

The guitar studio is a place where guitar players can learn, get inspired and improve.

You will find the guitar studio has good quality recording equipment and many guitar students choose to record their progress, whether for self analysis or simply to let family and friends hear how good they can sound.

There is an extra guitar for students who prefer to come at lunch hour or right after work can bring nothing with them.

Effective Guitar Lessons

Simply Put: You can learn (step-by-step) to play rock guitar, pop, folk, country, blues, classical guitar, and jazz on acoustic guitar, nylon (classical), or electric guitars.

Guitar lessons are informative and tailored to your style and your pace.

I teach all guitar skill levels from the first-time beginner to the experienced player wanting improvement in specific areas.

The approach is productive and fun because it helps guitar students to enjoy learning to play guitar and to learn quickly.

Proven Guitar Teaching Method

Using time proven methods for teaching guitar as well as modern, state of the art computer programs for students who do better with visual media.

Making extensive use of the computer guitar training as a resource for learning new songs, styles and concepts.

Also provided are printouts at each guitar lesson specifically tailored to the students progress and available practice time. If you are computer or media friendly, a recording, either audio or video, of the material covered in the lesson will be waiting for them by the time they get home.

Your guitar training will be focused on songs from the first lesson. This means you are learning to play songs on your guitar while learning and developing the skills necessary for you to be able to play anything you desire. This is the best approach for learning to play the guitar. As you improve on the guitar, you will be developing a timing and feel for music.

We all learn differently and we all have different dreams.

After discussing aims, goals and desires with each guitar student, we determine whether to include music theory, and at what level.

Most students already have some level of understanding. Working together we find out what you know and build on it in a way that makes sense. Our guitar lessons will help you put together all those loose ideas that you've gathered.

Composition for songwriters and composers

You can also get lessons in composition for songwriters and composers for the guitar and voice. This could focus more on the lyrical or the musical side, or a combination of both, depending on the desires of the student.

Most lessons are 1 hour, private, one-to-one sessions per week.
1/2 hour and 45 minute lessons are also available.

Often I teach small groups of 2-3 students at a time, focusing on learning to play together. Read about group classes

Some guitar students are very busy and come less often, once a month, or whenever they are ready for that next step. We always work with the student to schedule things in the most comfortable way for them.

No books required. All the learning material is supplied.

See what students say about learning to play guitar with Larry Smith.

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Learn how to play guitar including acoustic guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar, jazz guitar, rhythm guitar, rock guitar and more. Professional musician teaching advanced guitar lessons in London Ontario

Group Guitar Classes

Central London Ontario Guitar Studio

  • Group guitar classes may be exactly what you are looking for.
  • Larry Smith music offers group classes in a variety of guitar styles.
  • Check out our group guitar lessons and sign up with a friend!

Group Lessons 640

Learning To Play Guitar With Others

Learning in a group setting with a teacher and classmates can be a great, fun way to learn guitar. Learning to play guitar is a skill, learning to play music with others, just as your favourite bands do, is a totally different way to learn guitar and most people learning to play the guitar find learning in a group to be a more relaxed setting.

Often, students in group guitar classes can progress more quickly and have more fun!

Group guitar classes encourage development. Even if you have weeks where you are unable to practice at home, having a weekly group class means you can play for an hour during class time, and puts your love for music out front.

Taking group guitar lessons is also a great way to find new people who share a common interest.

guitar classes in group lessons

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